Focus on tax

While you may be exempt from many taxes as a public sector organisation, you’re not wholly immune. So it’s crucial that you keep up to date with your tax position as it currently stands.

You can rely on Scott-Moncrieff for astute and considered employment tax advice. We also offer VAT consultancy, health checks and planning – specialist advice will make compliance with the complex VAT rules surrounding public sector bodies less of a burden.


Scott-Moncrieff was Scotland’s first accountancy firm – and we retain one of our original clients from 1792.

Scott-Moncrieff’s tax experts will conduct an employment tax health check that covers risk, efficiency and cost. We’ll advise you on your overall tax position, and we’ll recommend where you could make improvements.

We even make it our place to inform you whenever you might be affected by changes to employment tax legislation. So you can relax knowing that you’ve not missed any critical information.

VAT health check

Without specialist advice it can be difficult to fully comprehend your VAT position as a public sector body. The rules are complex, and they can and do change frequently. We’ll help you to avoid any costly mistakes; we may even be able to help you to reduce your liability. We’ll begin with a VAT health check to ascertain your position.

Then we’ll advise you on what you need to do and how best to stay on top of your obligations to HMRC.