The management of risk and implementation of robust corporate governance has become increasingly important for all public sector bodies. There is constant and increasing pressure from regulators, funders and stakeholders to adopt strong governance processes and procedures, but even more choose to do so as part of a successful service delivery strategy.

Scott-Moncrieff can support boards in maintaining robust governance and assurance frameworks and managing risks effectively.

We advise on governance structures, providing comfort on your control environments and helping you to embed transparency, accountability and fairness in your public sector organisation’s processes.

Corporate governance means many things to many people. For us it is all about success and accountability– helping boards and senior management to establish and maintain the frameworks and procedures necessary for a well-governed organisation.

Service improvement

Robust corporate governance can bring your public sector organisation a number of benefits, which together will give you scope for significant service improvement. Our corporate governance advice:

  • Supports effective decision making and efficient processes. It breathes life into corporate strategies, and supports increased output, improved performance and the delivery of more sustainable outcomes.
  • Provides reassurance to key stakeholders – regulators, sponsors, funders, service users, suppliers and employees – that your public sector organisation is well run. A reputation for strong governance can generate access to funding, loyal service users, willing suppliers and committed employees.