Scott-Moncrieff, as part of the Moore Stephens consortium, is a framework contractor on six lots within the government’s ConsultancyONE procurement framework, cementing the firm’s position as a leading provider of assurance and consultancy services to the public sector.

The Moore Stephens consortium comprises Moore Stephens LLP (England and Wales), Scott-Moncrieff in Scotland and Moore Stephens Northern Ireland. If you are a central government organisation, department, arm’s-length body or NDPB then ConsultancyONE should be the framework you use to procure services between £100,000 and £2million in value. Contracts below £100,000 will be sourced through the open-market. And if you are in the wider public sector, including local authorities, higher education institutions and the NHS, you will also be able to access the framework without value restrictions.
The framework covers the provision of business and management consultancy and related services. Moore Stephens has been appointed to the following Lots:
Lot 4.1: Finance: Corporate Finance and Financial Strategy
Lot 4.2: Finance: Investment and Banking Services
Lot 5.1: Audit: Internal Audit and Advice
Lot 5.2: Audit: Other Assurance and Advice
Lot 5.3: Audit: Financial Audit and Investigation
Lot 5.4: Audit: External Audit and Advice
For more information about the ConsultancyONE framework visit Government Procurement Service website.

Scott-Moncrieff and the Moore Stephens consortium is a framework contractor on the following lots:

Lot 4.1 Corporate finance and financial strategy

Scope: Provides advice on all aspects of complex project development, financing and procurement. Advice may relate to establishment of suitable strategies, policies, processes and organisation of departments to improve the financial efficiency of its project delivery.
Indicative service lines: Project financial advice for complex projects (e.g. PPP, PFI, outsourcing, shared services):

  • Option appraisal
  • Developing project proposals
  • Financial advice on project or infrastructure finance
  • Risk, payment structures and accounting treatment
  • Assessing project proposals
  • Preparing project procurement
  • Assessing bidding proposals and contract negotiations
  • Post award implementation (including refinancing advice)

Lot 4.2 Investment and banking services

Scope: Provides specialist investment and financial market advisory services, capital raising, financing and risk management services and solutions to the public sector.
Indicative service lines:

  • Public sector finance policy and strategy advice
  • Financing public infrastructure projects and negotiations, including:
  • Refinancing advice and solutions
  • Asset and structured finance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Acquisition finance solutions
  • Corporate asset financial management
  • Corporate restructuring and flotations
  • Corporate and asset valuation and Asset Sales / Disposals
  • Banking, pensions and investment advice
  • Investment and financial market services
  • Financial market conditions, their operation and issues material to structuring financing
  • Industry and financial analysis, preparation
  • Private finance structures and financial products
  • Capital fund raising
  • Derivatives and hedging
  • Debt restructuring
  • Risk Management
  • Financial modelling
  • Due Diligence

Lot 5.1 Internal audit and advice

Scope: Provides services and advice on all aspects of internal audit assurance and consultancy requiring objective examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an assessment or opinion on governance, risk management and internal control systems for the Public Sector in line with Government Internal Audit Standards.
Indicative service lines:

  • Outsourced or co-outsourced internal audit services
  • Development of internal audit strategy and/or methodologies
  • Advice on governance, risk management and internal control
  • Bench marking and Quality Assurance of Internal Audit performance
  • Specialist internal audit assurance and advisory services e.g. IT/ IS audit

5.2 Other assurance and advice

Scope: Provides services and advice on a range of assurance aspects requiring objective examination and assessments to be made of financial, performance, security, anti-fraud, quality and compliance processes.
Indicative service lines:

  • Other special purpose reviews and investigations
  • Compliance and quality audit
  • Corporate Social Responsibility review
  • Sustainability assurance – and related activities
  • Fraud investigations, forensic assessments and advice Foreign Corrupt Practices Act / Anti-Bribery Compliance investigations and advice
  • Supplier audit and supply chain assurance

5.3 Financial audit and investigation

Scope: Provides services and advice in relation to financial audit work.
Indicative service lines:

  • Financial irregularity investigations and advice
  • Forensic accounting investigations and advice

5.4 External audit & advice

Scope: Provides services and advice on all aspects of auditing the annual financial statements.
Indicative service lines:

  • Audit and advice on financial statements and related published documents
  • Grant audit and certification