Systems and process improvement

In today’s economic climate, public sector organisations need to work harder, and that includes making the most of their IT systems and streamlining administrative processes. Our team of specialists will review and improve your organisation’s use of technology and underlying business processes to help improve performance and reduce costs.

Management teams are increasingly expecting greater assurances that they are achieving return on their IT investments commensurate with their expenditure. We will work with you to assess your operating practices and your cost effectiveness and create value by eliminating waste from processes, using technology to enhance productivity and, where appropriate, by making strategic use of outsourcing.

Our approach

Our review process will provide your organisation with an independent appraisal of a system (or systems) and related processes.  Giving you access to proven systems improvement and process mapping knowledge, tools and resources, the areas covered in the review can be tailored to your exact requirements but are typically:

  • IT systems (hardware or software) and management
  • Process re-design and implementation
  • IT Security
  • Management reporting

We spend time with key system users to enable us to understand:

  • the objectives to be achieved by your public sector organisation
  • the key issues being experienced
  • how the system is being used and whether it meets the overall requirements

Our resulting detailed action plan ensures that improvements are made in the areas identified as having most benefit. We can then support you in managing and implementing the required change.