Lean - improving service delivery

Lean is about producing superior service delivery; it’s about adding value and building a strong and loyal relationship with the end user or customer.  It also focuses on improving quality and optimising scarce resources.

Lean methodology has shown that improving quality develops deeper positive relationships with the recipient of the services or customer. It is also about intelligently using resources and empowering staff to continually strive for improved delivery in-house across functional boundaries. In this current financial climate, organisations can benefit by delivering service excellence and seeking ways to make better use of their limited resources. 

Scott-Moncrieff has developed a team of trained Lean specialists. Our team use a range of internationally recognised methodologies and processes which can be adapted to specifically meet the needs of each client. By applying Lean methods, our team helps our clients deliver service excellence more effectively, use their resources more efficiently, do their jobs better and save money.

We can offer a step-by-step set of workshops which have been designed to improve the way service focused organisations deliver core services. 

Our Lean practitioners are particularly adept at picking up the threads of how an organisation works and challenging existing assumptions. They will identify the use of time and people, analyse availability and model use of resources, assess the suitability of existing resources for completing key tasks, compare & contrast the input required for current and desired outputs, identify the potential for and instances of error, and spot changes that could improve the status quo, effectively managing your resources and money, at the same time as maintaining or improving service standards.

We aim to create, shape and support a sustainable organisational culture through our interventions, and ‘face to face’ coaching and on-line products. 

Our focus is on enabling senior teams to take ownership, and we are led by the mantra ‘without leadership there is no change’.  Working closely with senior management teams is critical in how we develop the resources, the capability and the people to drive change within their organisations.

We can assist your organisation with:

  • Tailoring a strategy to meet the challenges you face
  • Undertaking a cultural audit with feedback on implementing change
  • Analysing and delivering change projects and development to your organisation
  • Creating and delivering rapid improvement events (RIE’s)
  • Diagnosing key problems in organisational structure and design
  • Developing Lean best practise
  • Implementing process and continuous improvement
  • Building a leadership culture
  • Post-merger or acquisition integration should several organisations need to merge their operations and delivery mechanisms