Business transformation

Scott-Moncrieff’s dedicated Business Transformation team uses a range of internationally recognised tools which can be adapted to meet the specific needs of our clients. By applying these methods we help our clients save money, use their resources more effectively, and add more value to their organisation.

It is time to challenge existing services

For almost ten years, public sector organisations have delivered year-on-year efficiency savings. The majority of these savings have been achieved through reducing budgets and delivering the same level of service for less money. Public sector organisations have developed short-term efficiency savings plans that have often been led by the need to make annual savings targets. 

Now, however, there is a drive to identify alternative ways of delivering existing services and to identify which services are no longer needed. Adapting a service to meet a budget reduction is no longer appropriate. 

What is business transformation?

Business transformation is about changing the way in which services are delivered. This is not only challenging the provision of services, but also how delivery is structured and resourced.

How we can help

Our specialist staff will help you implement a programme of change that is not only targeted to your organisation’s priorities but has been developed to address your circumstances and designed to overcome any barriers and issues that you will face.