Transaction support

Your client may be considering an acquisition, an MBO, an MBI or a disposal.  In these situations, you will need specialist financial input. 

It is critically important that you refer this work to commercial specialists who are experienced in undertaking this work regularly and who understand the importance of working hand in hand with you to support your client and to get the deal done. 

Clear communication from the outset is key - together we need to agree the transaction process and to establish our respective roles, responsibilities, and the project timetable. 

Our role tends to focus on the following key tasks:

  • Helping advise on the optimal deal structure
  • Ensuring the deal is structured in a tax efficient manner
  • Valuing the business
  • Raising finance for the transaction
  • Conducting financial due diligence (often hand in hand with your legal due diligence process)
  • Advising you on tax warranties, transfer of going concern provisions, and other indemnities
  • Reviewing the draft share purchase agreement with you.

In all of this we understand the need to work seamlessly with you and with other advisers to the transaction, allowing your clients to retain control of the transaction, but with minimum disruption, so they can continue to focus their attention on running their business.  For many legal advisers, we are the firm of first choice.