Listings & reporting accountants

When working with your client on a listing you want to be sure that you can concentrate on the legal due diligence, leaving the reporting accountant function to the experts.


Scott-Moncrieff has provided reporting accountant advice on over 75% of all VCT mergers across the UK

What we do

We regularly advise our clients on the following areas:

  • Whether a listing is the best way to raise capital for the business
  • The prospects for the company and its attractiveness to potential investors
  • Developing a listing strategy
  • Identifying the most appropriate market for the company
  • Meeting the reporting accountant requirements.

Reporting accountants

We understand that working with the corporate adviser or NOMAD you will have numerous deadlines to meet and that the reporting accountants perform a relatively small but important role in completing the prospectus and meeting the deal timescales. We work closely with a range of advisers, developing good relationships which help to get the deal done.

Our sharp eye for detail and our understanding of the context and compilation of a prospectus mean that you can rely on us to deliver a high quality and value for money service.

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VCT mergers

VCT mergers

We have been actively involved in around 75% of UK-wide VCT mergers over the past few years.