Business valuations

Whatever their circumstances, your clients need a specialist business valuation they can rely on.

The importance of a commercial business valuation

Your clients may be selling, investing in, or buying a business, setting up a share scheme for employees, or perhaps dealing with a personal event such as a death, dispute or divorce.  In these situations, you will often need specialist input in terms of a business valuation.  Any accountant can work through the maths to calculate a valuation.  It is critically important though, that you refer this work to commercial specialists who are experienced in undertaking this work regularly and who understand the importance of providing you and your clients with a clear, robust, commercial and defensible valuation.

Tailored to your needs

Our business valuation work is tailored to your clients' needs and can either be informal, perhaps as a second opinion, or to help you shape your approach and advice, or can be written in short form, or in a more detailed, long form style report.  Whatever the requirement or situation, our commercial approach will provide you and your client with the expert opinion you need.