Services for your clients

Expert help at hand

Scott-Moncrieff’s expertise is as invaluable to your clients as it is to your professional partnership. Our commercial aptitude means that we’ll always keep your client’s business interests to the fore. We can advise your clients on business valuations and provide transaction support. We offer our services as listings and reporting accountants and VAT consultants. In more difficult times, your clients can rely on our dispute and litigation support and creditor services. 

Specialist financial input

If your client is considering any kind of deal, specialist financial oversight is critical. Scott-Moncrieff can provide transaction support to whatever degree the deal necessitates. Our in-depth advice, meticulous due diligence and commercial approach will allow you to make the deal happen with the minimum of fuss. We can also provide independent business valuations and help your client to raise finance if additional funds are required.

Resolving problems

When things go wrong, we’ll step in to help your client resolve matters as swiftly and painlessly as possible. Scott-Moncrieff provides dispute and litigation support across a range of issues. Our team can offer advice and can provide credible testimony as an expert witness. We also offer creditor services, which can help your client to recover monies owed through liquidation or sequestration. At all times, we act quickly to ensure the best possible outcome.