We advise more than a quarter of Scotland's top 100 charities, more than any other charity audit firm.

Alleviate your charity’s tax burden

Help your charity’s funds to go further. Rely on Scott-Moncrieff for astute and considered tax planning and management. Our comprehensive tax services and advice offer complete peace of mind. We may even be able to reduce your charity’s tax liability. Our experts can also provide invaluable Gift Aid tax guidance and training, so your charity can benefit fully from this vital additional source of funds.

Operate more efficiently

Make the most of your charity’s income and assets through tax efficient strategies and by reclaiming tax on any Gift Aid payments. We’ll update you on all available tax breaks, charity tax reliefs and tax planning incentives, and together we’ll solve any tax problems. Our experts will advise on mitigating the impact of capital gains tax, corporation tax and income tax.

Gift Aid support

Complex rules surround Gift Aid tax, and it’s crucial that your charity operates within HMRC requirements and limits for the scheme. We will advise you on all aspects of Gift Aid tax, from audits to donor benefits, so you can sidestep the most common pitfalls.