For even the most experienced finance and HR professionals, dealing with payroll can be a headache. Our outsourced service can take the pain away.

Our experienced payroll team can provide you with a level of service to suit your charity, whether that’s a fully-managed outsourced payroll service or a straightforward processing service.

Finding efficiencies

Although it is common for companies to have an in-house payroll function, this is not as cost-effective as it may seem. Allowing us to take on your payroll can:

  • Free up employees’ time to focus on more profitable projects
  • Remove the need for expensive outlays on payroll software and its updates
  • Save time and money on staff training
  • Minimise exposure to potential penalties or fines

Keeping you up to date

There is a host of recent changes to legislation which make it hard to keep up to date with the impact on your payroll of such issues as RTI, compulsory pension enrolment, maternity pay, shared parental leave and statutory sick pay. What’s more the penalties of non-compliance to these requirements can result in hefty penalties from HMRC.

Work with us and we will keep you fully up to date with your obligations to ensure you remain compliant even when the law changes.

Payroll healthchecks

If you would rather retain your payroll function in-house you can still take advantage of our healthcheck service to ensure that your processes, procedures, systems and calculations are efficient, reliable and compliant with all legal and statutory obligations.