IT strategy & planning

Improve IT systems and security

The technological advances that are transforming the way we live and work present immense opportunity but also very real risks and charities are no exception from this. Scott-Moncrieff can advise you on the best IT strategy, systems and security for your charity. We’ll audit your IT investment to check that it’s delivering commensurate benefits. Our experts can even show you how to do more with the data that your charity holds.

Secure your data

Your charity risks major penalties as well as its reputation should the personal data you hold fall into the wrong hands. It’s essential to have robust processes in place to secure data – and for all staff to adopt these as part of your culture. Scott-Moncrieff is expert at minimising the risk of a data loss incident. Every information security management system we implement conforms to ISO27000.

A fast-moving field

We keep abreast of developments in emerging technology so we can be ready to respond to new risks. We’ll help you to anticipate future areas of concern and we provide ongoing advice. If you prefer, our IT assurance experts will work in-house, alongside your own team. A risk based approach ensures that we cover all key threats to your charity.