Business growth

Despite pressures on funding there remain opportunities for charities to grow.  However, such opportunities need to be considered carefully to avoid placing charitable assets at risk or detracting senior management from the delivery of core activities.

Opportunities for business growth

Ambitious charities will always be looking for the chance to grow, be it through:

  • The development of new services to meet changing demands or in response to changes in government policy in areas such as self directed support or community based initiatives
  • Merger with similar or complementary charities
  • Development of commercial activities which can generate increased funding for charitable activities

Our approach

Scott-Moncrieff has developed a series of tools through which charities can effectively assess business growth opportunities and, for those which are considered appropriate, to deliver the governance and business structures to exploit these opportunities for the benefit of the charity.

This structured approach to evaluating and delivering business growth allows busy management to consider these opportunities in an objective and cost effective manner resulting in an evidence based conclusion which can increase the chances of success for the new initiative.