Improving your business

Develop your charity

More than any other kind of organisation perhaps, charities must be seen to be working efficiently. Scott-Moncrieff will help you to get your charity operating at optimum capacity. After assessing your strategy, we’ll check that resources are being used most effectively. Our experts will determine where systems and processes might be improved. And if you’re set on business growth for your charity, we’ll explore how you can achieve your aim.

Streamline your systems

You can gain easy wins in cost efficiencies by getting rid of wasteful processes and making technology work harder for your charity. As your professional adviser, we can examine your current systems objectively. We’ll weigh up whether your investment is bringing the desired benefits; if not, we’ll recommend alternative measures. We take an evidence based approach, so our reports stand up to scrutiny by funders and other stakeholders.

Develop your charity

There are opportunities to develop your charity even in these austere times. But you must plan any business growth carefully so as not to endanger core charitable activities. We have tools to assess your charity’s growth potential and all the important angles for consideration. It all helps to streamline and simplify the decision-making process for busy board members and senior management.