Society for the Benefit of Sons and Daughters of the Clergy of the Church of Scotland

The Society provides grants to assist in the education of children of Ministers of the Church of Scotland where such assistance is needed. 

The Society was incorporated in 1792 and is now constituted under the Clergy Societies Scheme 1934. Scottish Charity Number SC008760.

Sons and daughters should normally be between the ages of 12 and 25 and preference is given to families with a low income.

There are also limited funds to support other dependants:

  • John Lang Macfarlane Fund for unmarried and widowed daughters of Ministers.
  • Robertson Chaplin Fund for unmarried sisters over 40 of ordained Ministers, preference being given to the aged and infirm.

Funds available

Around £15,000 is available for educational grants each year. Last year, 13 grants were made ranging from £695 to £1,370.

Five grants of £2,000 were made from the John Lang Macfarlane Fund last year.

One grant of £2,244 was made from the Robertson Chaplin Fund last year.


To apply, download and complete the below application form. Applications should be sent in no later than 31 May each year and grants are distributed by early September.

Click here to download an application form and send it to:

Jennifer Law, Scott-Moncrieff, Exchange Place 3, Semple Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BL.

Connected charities

This Society co-operates with the Glasgow Society of Sons & Daughters of Ministers of the Church of Scotland and the Esdaile Trust in the distribution of grants for the benefit of students.