Dr Guthrie's Association

Dr Guthrie's Schools' Association was founded in 1847 by the Reverend Dr Thomas Guthrie and for over 100 years ran schools for children in need. Scottish Charity Number SC009302

Following a change in government policy the schools were closed and the Association reconstituted as an unincorporated association in 1987. The remaining funds on the closure of the schools are now the endowment, the income of which is used for the distribution of grants. The objective of the Association is to support organisations devoted to the care and welfare of children and young people.

Funds available

Generally about £70,000 is available for distribution each year and the grants are usually limited to £2,000 or less. Priority will be given to smaller charities whose small grants can make a difference and who may find it difficult to obtain funds elsewhere.


To apply for a grant, download and complete an application form and send it to the grant adminstrator:

The Grant Administrator, PO BOX 28838, Edinburgh EH15 2XZ.

Email: drguthrie16@gmail.com

Click here for an application form.