Audit & assurance

Simplifying reporting

Your charity's legal status and governance means you are bound by complex rules around financial reporting and funding. These are changing and Scott-Moncrieff's charity clients are already benefiting from our expertise. We'll manage your transition smoothly, engaging you at key points so you understand how you are affected. 

1 in 4

We are advisers to more than one in four of Scotland's top 100 charities, more than any other charity audit firm

Scott-Moncrieff has unmatched experience in statutory audit and risk management advice: we’re the chosen adviser of more than 25% of Scotland’s top 100 charities. We can provide the assurances you need – and we’ll show you where your charity can improve.

Scott-Moncrieff provides independent, objective and rigorous financial and risk assurance of your charity’s current position. Our audit experts will assess the risks most relevant to your particular type of charity and the mitigating controls in place.

When we report back, we’ll also flag up areas for improvement, so you can make your charity work even harder for its cause. We’ll update you on our progress throughout the audit.

Reducing uncertainty

Effective risk management will limit your exposure to uncertainty and allow trustees to meet their statutory obligations. Scott-Moncrieff will also advise your charity on implementing the good governance structures often required by funders and regulators.

Our business continuity planning meanwhile will soften the blow resulting from a major disruption – whether it’s damage to your premises or the illness of a key team member – so you can continue to focus on delivering your strategy.