Manufacturing & distribution

Understanding your sector

Scott-Moncrieff has been around for a long time and our client base reflects a cross section of Scottish business. We didn’t set out to specialise in the manufacturing sector but the reality of Scottish SMEs and family-owned business is that many fall into this category.  Over the years we have built up a great understanding of the pressures that manufacturing and distribution companies face as well as the impact that good advice can have on their success and growth.

In recent years, pressures have become more intense and we see our manufacturing specialisms coming to the fore as we assist our clients to find a successful path through the recession. Amidst this there are still many manufacturing businesses thriving and we continue to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

Some areas in which we can help:

Strategic planning

Working closely with management we clarify key business objectives and support the detailed planning required to meet these strategic objectives.

Options appraisals

Businesses face challenges and opportunities on almost a daily basis but some, such as the decision to open or close a production line or to seek international partners, can place a significant strain on limited resources.  We help management by providing an objective perspective on the options open to the business supported by techniques and experience which ensureyou’re your management team can make the right decision based on the best information available.

Costing and management information systems

All businesses are faced with an ever increasing level of data but often a decreasing level of useful information.  We can help clients make the most of their available technology to present and interpret the most relevant information to the business.

This will often relate to the costs being incurred across the business.  We can ensure that the costs being used are accurate and the methods for using these costs are appropriate.

Supply chain management

Customs warehousing procedures can provide benefits to companies involved in importing goods, whether from other organisations or from international arms of their own company. Depending on the destination and use of the goods, there may be VAT and duty savings. Utilising a warehouse regime could result in a cash flow benefit by delaying when VAT and duties are due, up to a complete mitigation of costs.

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A manufacturer and seller of packaging materials

A manufacturer and seller of packaging materials

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A large international distributor of steel plates

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