Understanding your sector

At a time of increasing financial pressures within the housing sector we understand that you need value for money from your business advisers. Not only will we help you with all your audit and compliance issues but we will also advise you on the best ways to structure your operations through the use of subsidiaries to allow you to diversify your services.

Our expertise with Registered Social Landlords

For over 20 years, Scott-Moncrieff has provided internal and external audit and accountancy services to 35 Scottish associations, co-operatives and factoring subsidiaries. These range in size from very small associations managing as few as 28 units to large organisations with over 7,000 units in management.

In addition to our role as auditors and accountants for our clients in the housing sector, we also assist when required with the preparation of internal policies, VAT planning, production of business plans, advice on stock transfer bids, completion of returns to regulatory authorities and in setting up accounting systems.

In particular, for various housing associations and charity clients, we have facilitated risk management workshops and the development of an overall risk management strategy. We also undertake Best Value reviews, Performance Audits and Benchmarking reviews if a need arises.


Our housing sector specialists sit on the Auditors’ Forum of the Scottish Housing Regulator, meaning that we are involved in regular ongoing discussions about proposed changes in the sector and can therefore help you to prepare for and implement any changes and ensure future compliance.

Housing Insights seminar

Our annual Housing Insights seminar provides the perfect opportunity for RSLs to get up to speed on the latest emerging technical aspects whilst also networking with other associations in the sector.