Raising finance

Whether your business is established or just starting up we can work with you to package your ideas into a professional and focused document to maximise your chances of successfully raising finance.

Leading advisor 

We act for more Archangel invested companies in Scotland than any other adviser

Raising finance for business in the current climate is a challenge, but there is cash available in Scotland. We have an angel syndicate network which is second to none and access to a wide range of larger equity funds and investment houses. Advisers with specialist knowledge, up to date experience and the right connections are essential to success.

Developing a compelling business plan

Our connections with the funding community mean we are right up to date with the most recent insights into what funders are looking for. Rather than a ‘traditional’ business plan, we can help you to draw up a document that will deliver the information in the most compelling way. Then we can ensure that your plan is seen by the right people.

Financial projections

Your business’s financial projections need to be more than just numbers. They need to communicate a clear message to potential funders and investors. With our input you can compile and present these in a way that makes a difference. We use specialist software that helps to produce robust projections in the format investors and funders will be looking for.

Our approach

We won’t produce these documents in isolation. It is critical that you are closely involved in their production so that they are your plans – not ours.

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Panoramic Growth Equity

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