Listing can be an important step in the development of private companies, providing capital for growth, a market for the company’s shares, enhanced profile and credibility and an exit for the owners.

If you’re considering a business listing speak to us for advice on the best option for you, what’s involved and guidance throughout the process.

Using our network of contacts

There are a number of UK specialist  markets designed to meet the characteristics of a range of businesses – the main market for large and well-established businesses, AIM for mid-sized and growing companies and PLUS for smaller companies. We can act as your reporting accountants and tax advisers and can introduce you to other advisers who will help make your business’s listing happen.

The big picture

Our experts will advise you on:

  • Whether a listing is the best way to raise capital for your business
  • The prospects for your company and its attractiveness to potential investors
  • Developing your business’s listing strategy
  • Identifying the most appropriate market for your company
  • Meeting your reporting accountant requirements.