Due diligence

Just as you would commission a survey before buying a property, a due diligence report ensures that there are no hidden surprises when you’re planning a business transaction.

Informing your decision

Our due diligence reports are designed to give you anything but the traditional – and lengthy - standard information.  Instead we cut to the chase, focusing our attention on the areas of most concern as well as remaining alive to all the issues which could pose problems.

Our approach

Desktop diligence reviews can be extremely useful, and have their place, but in our experience there’s no substitute for getting on site and conducting our due diligence report work face to face. Spending time talking with, listening to and observing the key individuals is by far the best way to flush out the issues that matter.

We go beyond risk assessment to make sure you understand the implications and the actions that need to be taken to mitigate against these risks and to protect your interests.

Concise, focused advice

Our role is to minimise your risk and to bring real value to your transaction. Working hand-in-hand with your legal adviser, our report will help you to fine tune:

  • The terms of your deal
  • The price
  • Warranties and indemnities sought
  • Or even whether the deal proceeds or not.

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