Audit & assurance

Obligation versus opportunity

While audit and assurance are largely considered an obligation, Scott-Moncrieff approaches the process as an opportunity. We can assist with external, internal and performance audits, risk management, governance and business continuity planning. We’ll then help you to use the rigorous information we uncover as a starting point for improving business performance.

Auditing services

We provide independent, objective and rigorous financial and risk assurance of your business and financial position. Our audit experts will fully examine the risks most relevant to your particular sector. We’ll follow up by recommending where you can enhance processes. You’ll receive regular updates throughout your audit, so you know exactly what’s going on at every stage.

Risk management and business continuity

Effective risk management can help you to limit your exposure to uncertainty, while implementing robust governance structures may give you a competitive advantage. Scott-Moncrieff can advise on both. We’ll also help with business continuity planning to ride out and recover from the impact of a major disruption to business. Not every eventuality can be avoided, but a good business continuity plan can mitigate harm.