Risk management

Risk management is central to the ability of any business, department or project to deliver its objectives. As a result of the recent global financial crisis there has been an understandable increase in the focus on identifying, assessing and controlling the risk it faces. Our structured but flexible approach will help your business mitigate major risks and formulate contingency plans.

Identifying risk

Risk is essentially rooted in uncertainty and its effects can be either positive or negative. Effective management of this uncertainty will result in a framework detailing the arrangements for designing, implementing, monitoring and continually improving risk management throughout a business.

Our approach

We have developed a risk management approach, based on the international standard ISO31000, tailored to the needs of our key client sectors.  The approach includes:

  • A comprehensive risk management framework through which policies and procedures can be designed to meet your unique circumstances.
  • Tools and techniques through which risks can be identified, analysed, treated and reported.
  • Support services to help with the implementation of the revised risk management framework and embedding the risk management techniques within operational management.

Where appropriate, we can help implement appropriate software solutions, such as Rhiza, which can be used to help administer risk management.  Rhiza Network is a low cost web based risk management software product developed by our colleagues in Moore Stephens and can be used to record, evaluate, manage and report risks across a business.


The Scott-Moncrieff approach is sufficiently flexible to allow you to implement the key elements at a pace that suits your business needs but as part of a recognised framework. The successful implementation of a risk management framework will lead to:

  • Satisfying expectations of stakeholders
  • Improved financial performance
  • Improved operational performance
  • Strengthened reputation
  • Legal/regulatory compliance
  • Projects delivering on time and within budget