Scott Berry


0141 567 4500

I have 11 years’ experience working predominantly with charities, colleges, universities and commercial organisations.

Since moving from HM Revenue and Customs, where I was a VAT officer, I now work with our vast range of clients on a daily basis, advising them on complex VAT issues to ensure that they not only get the best result but also understand their VAT position. I thoroughly enjoy meeting with both new and existing clients to find out what their future plans are and how I can assist them.

Recently, I have been working with a number of our clients in order to review their current activities and look for ways to improve their VAT recovery, whilst also ensuring their invoicing processes are as efficient as possible. I have also been involved in obtaining a substantial repayment of VAT for a renewable energy company.

As well as working directly with our clients, I also regularly provide VAT training to the charity sector and updates on recent HMRC changes. I am also an active member of our technology and life sciences sector group.