Fraser Nicol


0141 567 4500
Edinburgh, Glasgow

I have 17 years’ experience in technology risk consulting and assurance, advising a wide array of clients including large public bodies, financial services institutions, commercial businesses and charities on technology risk, including topics such as IT strategy and governance, data analytics, cyber-crime and risk, programme assurance and digital transformation.

The achievement I am most proud of to date is co-writing the Model National Response for Online Child Protection, which sets out recommendations for countries seeking to enhance the way they protect children online. The standards have been adopted internationally, used by UNICEF and incorporated into international law by the UN Human Rights Committee. As part of my work on online child protection I was lucky enough to work directly with senior politicians, law enforcement and industry leaders from around the world, including the current and past Prime Minister, to establish an International Organisation which brings together governments, law enforcement and industry to fight online crime against children.

Outwith Scott-Moncrieff I sit on a number of Boards of Trustees for various charities, and have worked as a mentor and coach to charity leaders and social enterprise founders. I am also a fellow of The Royal Society of the Arts (RSA) and a member of the Information Systems Audit and Controls Association (ISACA) and Scottish Single Malt Whisky Society (SSMSW).