Douglas Trainer


0131 273 3500

I have over 10 years’ experience providing cyber intelligence and security advice in both private and public sectors. Prior to joining Scott-Moncrieff, I spent three years with a data analytics and software company as their intelligence consultant and spent eight years in the Intelligence Corps of the British Army.

I have experience working with ISO 27001, ISO 23001, Cyber Essentials Plus and GDPR and have delivered results in numerous intensive projects throughout the world in support of operational intelligence and security, cyber intelligence management, audit and counter intelligence as well as numerous training and mentoring projects.

Since joining Scott-Moncrieff, I have been responsible for leading our cyber security practice and supporting clients achieve GDPR compliance. I have worked with clients such as Police Scotland, Scottish Government, Scottish Legal Aid Board, various universities, housing associations and charities.

I have also developed our cyber maturity assessment matrix which embraces all elements of the National Cyber Security Centre’s 10-steps to Cyber Security as well as ISO27000.