Corporate Social Responsibility

At Scott-Moncrieff we are serious about our corporate social responsibility. As a firm we are keen to integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into our culture by incorporating our values into our decision making in a clear and transparent manner.

We continually work to improve our practices and aim to make a positive contribution to our community, to support and develop our people and to make environmentally conscious decisions.


We are fully committed to making continuous improvements in order to reduce our environmental impact.

Green credentials

Through our recycling alone we save around 150 trees every year and our Edinburgh office is one of the greenest in town.


Our environmental strategy covers the proper management and monitoring of waste, the reduction of pollution and emissions, compliance with environmental legislation and environmental codes of practice and the monitoring of environmental performance.

In recent years we have made the following changes:

  • Introduced a full recycling and waste management system into both our offices
  • Moved to using 100% post consumable recycled paper and recycle all paper used
  • Reduced our energy wastage by increased monitoring of the temperature in our offices and switching off unnecessary lights & PCs
  • Reduced the number of printers in the offices and moved to multi function energy efficient devices with double sided printing as default
  • Increased the use of video conferencing, phone conferencing and promoted the cycle to work scheme to reduce pollution and travel
  • Considered environmental issues when purchasing services and goods from suppliers
  • Where possible used suppliers who operate environmental methods to monitor their own carbon footprint and manage the quantity of deliveries, ordering larger quantities whenever possible
  • Reduced office resource wastage through recycling with recycling initiatives in place for mobile phones, fluorescent lighting, toner cartridges, glass, plastics, paper, cans, computers and batteries
  • Encouraged our staff to car share when travel is required to ensure the firm has the minimum CO2 emissions to reduce our carbon impact
  • Filtered out the use of plastic and paper cups and provided all employees with reusable drink containers to reduce our non recyclable waste
  • Removed water coolers with bottled water and provide mains fed fresh drinking water
  • Set up a green champions team to look at how the firm can progress with environmentally focused developments

Scott-Moncrieff also fully considers the green credentials of our properties and Exchange Place 3 is a BREEAM excellent rated property. The office also has a B+ energy performance certificate, rainwater harvesting system, natural ventilation and daylight saving lighting system.



Staff involvement

Our people spent 312 hours carrying out CSR activities in 2013.

At Scott-Moncrieff we actively strive to support our local communities and charities.

  • Many of our staff and partners volunteer to act in responsible positions and offer advisory support to charitable organisations.
  • The firm supports and encourages staff to fundraise by arranging events and asking for donations for charities they wish to support.
  • We organise work experience opportunities with local schools and have created a comprehensive work programme.
  • We have taken part in a government funded scheme designed to assist individuals under the age of 20 who are looking to build a career in their chosen field, and are looking to combine industry recognized qualifications with valuable work experience.
  • Employees are given time during the working day to visit their local blood donor bank.
  • All staff can volunteer to undertake a range of community and charitable activities during work hours. In recent years staff and partners have helped renovate houses, wrap Christmas presents and maintained gardens.
  • We regularly enter teams to complete charitable challenges. In 2011 a team from Scott-Moncrieff completed the Caledonian Challenge, raising £11,000 for the Scottish Community Foundation, an organisation that awards money to over 700 charities and community groups across Scotland. In September 2013 we entered a team into Pedal for Scotland, raising £8,398 for Cancer Research.



We recognise that the wellbeing of our people is the foundation for the wellbeing of our business. We believe in involving and motivating our people and providing increased opportunities for professional development, improving management working styles, and enhancing communication.

  • Scott-Moncrieff is an equal opportunities employer and has an equal opportunities policy. We treat all employees (and job applicants) equally, irrespective of sex, race, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, age, marital status, trade union membership or non-membership.
  • We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and codes of conduct to create an environment free from discrimination, where staff are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  • We provide training and personal development for all of our staff, including career planning, and have a budget assigned to external training.
  • A health and safety policy is in place to promote good working conditions and practices,we train and supervise employees to ensure that they are aware of this policy.
  • In our Edinburgh office employees are given a workplace climate handbook with information and recommendations on the features of the building to control their thermal environment.
  • Our staff are provided with a free supply of fruit each week.
  • We send a weekly communication to all employees to advise them with news of what’s happening around the firm, and provide bi-annual strategy updates to provide them with information and participation in company decisions.
  • Our employees have a social budget and hold regular social events throughout the year.