30 August 2017

Exchange - Scott-Moncrieff’s business journal

The latest edition of our annual business journal, Exchange, has now been published.

This edition includes articles on a range of current business issues, sharing the results of our latest annual UK-wide survey of SMEs, and a piece from one particular business who, in the face of challenge, managed to change their outlook and their entire business.

We also focus on people – looking at the bold leaders who are currently transforming the public sector and the businesses who are going to great lengths to protect their talent and attract the best individuals.

Like your whisky? Well, we’ve also asked a whisky blogger to give us a run-down of some of the best international drams.

You can read issue four of Exchange here - we hope you enjoy the read!

As ever we would be really interested in your feedback so that we can incorporate new ideas into future editions. Please let us know what you think at feedback@scott-moncrieff.com.

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