19 December 2017

Christmas wishes from Scott-Moncrieff

Scott-Moncrieff would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2018.

This Christmas, rather than sending out Christmas cards, we are delighted to be making a donation to two very special charities; CLIC Sargent and Friends of Tollcross Primary School.

These charities have been selected at random from those we have supported throughout the course of this year through our 'Fundraising Friday' initiative. As a firm, we provide staff with the opportunity to nominate a charity of their choice to raise funds for on the last Friday of every month. Various activities are typically organised by the individual leading the fundraising campaign for that month, and all three offices get involved in raising as much money as possible.

CLIC Sargent provides specialist financial and practical support across the UK to young cancer patients and their families so they can focus on getting better. This includes arranging a CLIC Sargent grant, helping young people and their families get the benefits they are entitled to, coordinating care so medical procedures can happen at home, arranging free accommodation in a CLIC Sargent Home from Home, or helping young cancer patients and their families keep in touch with school, college or work in order to keep life as normal as possible. We held a Fundraising Friday for this charity in January, raising money by hosting a quiz, tombola, ‘guess the number of sweeties in the jar’ competition and a bake sale.

Friends of Tollcross Primary School is a charity created by parents whose children are studying at Tollcross Primary – a small city centre school located in the centre of Edinburgh with approximately 200 pupils. The charity’s main aim is to raise funds to improve the school playground and provide a modern, safe and fun environment where the pupils and surrounding community can exercise, play and stay healthy. We supported this charity as part of our Fundraising Friday initiative in June, where we ran a ‘wear your jazzy tie to work day’, bake sale and also opened up a library for the day, allowing staff members to donate and purchase books, with the remainder being donated to Tollcross School’s library.

I'm sure that you will all agree that these are both fantastic charities to be supporting.

From everyone at Scott-Moncrieff, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2018.


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