31 May 2017

An Inspector calls: protect yourself from an HMRC enquiry

With HMRC enquiries on the increase, businesses might want to consider carrying out a health-check on their compliance reporting.

We’ve commented previously on how to manage the risk of an enquiry from HMRC, however, the number of enquiries has increased in recent months. Known targets in particular have been certain public sector organisations, as well as construction businesses in relation to the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Who will be next to receive a call?

If you are at all worried about this prospect, we can help you manage the risk and put your mind at ease by carrying out a health-check on your organisation’s compliance reporting.

This would normally involve a brief visit to your premises and a chat with the staff involved, similar to what HMRC would do during an enquiry visit. We would then compile a brief report on the improvement areas you should consider following up. The health-check would give the business the opportunity to:

  • appraise risk at Board level;
  • make decisions concerning any potential voluntary disclosure without penalty;
  • review policies and procedures;
  • move forward with confidence;
  • manage your relationship with HMRC.  

If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please do not hesitate to give either Shaun Young or Graham Ratcliffe a call. They would be happy to talk you through how they would approach a heath-check for your business.

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