Latest updates

21 June 2017

Brexit: managing exchange rate fluctuations

We define hedging and outline some of the strategies SMEs can adopt in order to mitigate their exposure to volatile exchange rates following Brexit.

14 June 2017

Cloud accounting: your key questions answered

We explain exactly what is meant by cloud accounting, why we recommend you use Xero and outline some of our favourite add-on apps.

14 June 2017

Marketing myth-busting with the design agency, BOLD

BOLD’s Creative Director, John Ayscough, banishes some branding and design myths commonly perceived by those in the third sector.

12 June 2017

Five top tips for grant-making trusts and foundations

We provide five tips for any grant-making foundation or charitable trust to consider when designing an assurance framework for their programmes.

07 June 2017

Succession planning: considering the future of your business

With almost a third of SMEs considering succession planning in 2017, we set out the key things to think about when planning for the future of your business

07 June 2017

New company car fuel rates

HMRC has published new ‘advisory fuel rates’ (AFR) for company cars, which apply to journeys from 1 June 2017.

31 May 2017

Using existing tools to make quick wins

We share two ways organisations can use software and solutions already at their disposal to make efficient 'quick wins'.

31 May 2017

Apprenticeship Levy in Scotland: Now you see it, now you don’t

The Apprenticeship Levy means different things to businesses in England and Scotland – what’s the impact on Scottish businesses?

31 May 2017

An Inspector calls: protect yourself from an HMRC enquiry

With HMRC enquiries on the increase, businesses might want to consider carrying out a health-check on their compliance reporting.

30 May 2017

Brexit contingency planning alert for financial services firms

Financial services firms to provide the Prudential Regulation Authority with information on their Brexit contingency plans by 14 July 2017.

30 May 2017

Do you know your LISA from your JISA?

If you're thinking of opening an ISA, we provide a summary of the five variants currently available to help you decide what suits you best.

30 May 2017

VAT is the difference between residential and holiday lets

Before you decide to let out a holiday home, there are a number of VAT issues and opportunities that should be carefully considered.

30 May 2017

The FCA’s first Policy Statement on MiFID II implementation: In summary

With the FCA publishing its first Policy Statement for the implementation of MiFID II, we highlight the key rule changes firms need to be aware of.

29 May 2017

Time to tighten your anti-money laundering defences

We outline the main changes firms will need to make to their policies and procedures to ensure they are compliant with the 4MLD by 26 June.

26 May 2017

Could you recover VAT on college services?

Following a recent European Court of Justice decision, colleges and other educational bodies could recover VAT on activities carried out by students.

23 May 2017

Data privacy: Transferring data outside the EEA

If you share personal data about EU citizens outside the EEA, you should be aware of the changes to the Data Protection laws coming in from May 2018.

19 May 2017

Brexit: what does it mean for R&D?

With R&D intrinsically linked to Europe, what will happen after Brexit?

18 May 2017

Developing commercial value through IP - patently obvious?

Our checklist aims to help start-ups identify the best course of action when it comes to whether or not to patent their idea.

18 May 2017

Patent Box scheme saving businesses record amount in corporation tax

The Patent Box scheme is currently saving businesses a record amount in corporation tax, with Brexit providing an opportunity for even further tax breaks.

16 May 2017

Making Tax Digital: the facts, myths and unknowns

With so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding Making Tax Digital, we set out the current facts, myths and unknowns, and what to expect moving forward.