Latest updates

17 May 2018

FCA introduces new governance requirements for authorised fund managers

In April, the FCA published new requirements for UK authorised fund managers in respect of their management of authorised funds

16 May 2018

Should equity investors worry about changes in interest rates?

Investors may still be curious about what might happen to equities if interest rates go up.

13 April 2018

What is the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED)?

Does your company own UK residential property valued at £500,000 or above? You could be subject to the Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED).

09 April 2018

Charity SORP update

The revision of FRS102 means an update bulletin will be issued rather than reissuing the SORP

26 March 2018

Thinking differently about cloud accounting

Cloud accounting will transform your business but a package of companion apps can bring even more business benefits

16 March 2018

Scott-Moncrieff supports Social Bite’s Digital Inclusion project

We have donated IT equipment to all five Social Bite shops and the Social Bite village as a next step in Social Bite's digital inclusion project.

13 March 2018

The Spring Statement

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, delivered his Spring Statement today

13 March 2018

Mandatory increase in pension contributions are on the horizon from 6 April 2018

From 6 April 2018, UK employers are required to increase their minimum pension contributions for qualifying workers in defined contribution pension schemes

12 March 2018

Making tax digital

From April 2019, VAT registered businesses will be required to maintain digital records and submit their VAT information digitally

12 March 2018

Improve your cyber security in six steps

To protect their customers, staff and their own operations organisations need to take immediate action to enhance their security strategies.

12 March 2018

GDPR: Time is running out – are you ready?

With less than three months to go, time is running out for organisations to prepare themselves to be compliant with the EU GDPR

08 March 2018

HMRC update their guidance on grants - should you be recovering more VAT?

HMRC has updated guidance on VAT liability of grants and contracts but many organisations are under recovering VAT incurred on associated expenses

05 March 2018

Scottish taxpayers – gift aid and pension contributions from 2018/19

The Scottish Parliament passed the 2018/19 tax rates and tax bands on 20th February 2018. What will this mean for gift aid and pension contributions?

26 February 2018

Use VAT to improve cashflow

Cashflow is vital to all businesses - big and small

21 February 2018

Are SMEs now paying a higher tax rate than big businesses?

Call for government to consider re-introducing a lower corporation tax rate for SMEs

21 February 2018

The collapse of construction giant Carillion

What does it mean for those within the industry?

21 February 2018

Raising equity funding through EIS

Under the EIS rules, tech start-ups could raise investment of up to £5 million in any 12 month period.

19 February 2018

Tax year end planning

With the end of January tax return deadline having now passed the next significant date in the tax calendar is 5 April, end of the current 2017/18 tax year

19 February 2018

Termination payments

Tax treatment of termination payments post 5 April 2018

19 February 2018

Enquiries and compliance visits

Employment tax and an organisation’s relationship with HMRC concerning employment matters is becoming an increasingly important matter.