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19 October 2017

Hub - A Scotland-wide initiative

We provide an overview of the hub initiative; a programme led by Scottish Futures Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government.

18 October 2017

Here, there and everywhere: The cyber threats facing SMEs

The results of our latest cyber security survey show the number of SMEs prepared to report a cyber-attack are worryingly low.

18 October 2017

Getting ready for GDPR

What does the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) mean for property and construction companies and what do they need to do to comply?

09 October 2017

The age-old question: salary or dividends?

We provide an answer to one of the most popular questions directors and shareholders ask us: should I extract profits as a salary or dividend?

09 October 2017

Top tips for future-proofing your business

Marc Shenken sets out the key things construction business owners should think about when planning for the future.

04 October 2017

Financial controls to support business growth

As your business grows and takes on more customers, employees and suppliers, maintaining financial controls will keep you travelling up the success curve.

29 September 2017

Making the most of R&D tax relief

The Government’s R&D tax relief scheme could provide many growing organisations and tech start-ups with a valuable cash boost.

27 September 2017

How to approach staff fraud and misconduct

It's important organisations manage the threat of staff fraud and misconduct and approach investigations in the right way.

26 September 2017

Reducing the shortfall in ‘patient capital’

Gareth Magee gives his view of the way forward following a UK Government review of funding.

06 September 2017

VAT: Don’t be spooked by an HMRC visit

VAT has become more complex over the years and HMRC visits are on the rise – what sparks these visits and how can you prepare?